About Us


We are a 100% Australian owned Perth based family run business.

Our passion is to provide our beautiful, beach loving, industrious, bold and playful country with Jewellery designed by us and inspired by the beautiful landscape that surrounds us, drawing on elements from our stunning coastline, expansive oceans through to our rugged and breathtaking interior, combining all these elements to create an alternative style that embraces individuality with subtle twists to classic Jewellery.


Meet the owners of Treaty Jewellery - Josh and Flo

The Brand

We were founded in the Idyllic coastal village of St Ives in Cornwall over 10 years ago by Mother and Son, Maggie and Josh. Upon the 10 year anniversary in 2020  (little did anyone know what 2020 was to bring us) some exciting additions were to be made to this family business.

Florence (Josh's partner) joined the business as Creative Director with an abundance of experience, as a talented, professional stylist and a respected and successful photographer, bringing fresh ideas and indulging her passion for beautiful Jewellery.

But before this was to happen, a trip had been planned...

So how did Trelily finally come to life in Australia? Why now? After 2 decades in Perth building a life, working hard and living our dream, after all the Jewellery had been part of my life for over 10 years, Birthdays, Christmas and adhoc gifts, new collection pieces always arrived regularly in packages had always been something I anticipated and was alway overjoyed to recieve, I adored that I had a collection that was totally unique to me! 

Well, that was about to change and it happened quite simply and organically, Josh and Flo were travelling and one of their destinations was our beautiful shores and of course this included a visit to us before heading off to Bali to complete their trip, then as we all know Covid-19 HIT, they were grounded as we all were we were! 

A five day stay became twelve weeks and that's when we were introduced to the whole creative process, as a family unit we were allowed to take walks along the beach, forests and National Parks together and Flo and Josh were never without their cameras, this lead us to view our surroundings in a totally new light, seeing all the landscape and elements as pictures that could draw upon to design beautiful new Jewellery, from the bubbling ocean to the dunes, hills and even the barren salt lakes, everything inspired them, we spent nights pouring over the pictures, also sending them to Maggie as chief Jewellery designer, we had never been so aware of our surroundings and the beauty and joy of the creative process, we were hooked, working day and night to bring everything together during the most unusual and unprecedented times of most of our lives, it brought us together as a family like we had never experienced before, it gave us focus and we all learnt new skills, discovered hidden talents and hence a life long passion for Jewellery became something much more.

A collection was born, a website created, sketches here there and everywhere around the house, collaboration I have learnt is an untidy process and is stimulated by loud music (in Josh's opinion, one of just a handful we differed on) so drawing from Australia and Cornwalls differences and similarities we believe we found the perfect ingredients to which our reviews atest

We are devoted to customer service and the desire to regularly bringing fresh ideas and beautiful, new and exciting Jewellery to you, but most of all we would love you to come on this journey with us as we go from strength to strength, hitting milestones and changing the face of Australia Jewellery




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Our future will see a move away from the Fashion industry standards with real (un-edited) women in campaigns and aims to confirm itself as a leader in ethical manufacturing and sustainability.

We are passionate about our Ethos and Ethical approach to production and will work to continue to develop our sustainability. All our packaging is either recycled, re-usable or biodegradable to ensure your treasured pieces have as little impact on the planet as possible.

Our Jewellery is never mass produced with most collections containing only limited numbers, we believe this allows for an element of affordable bespoke design. 

We are proud to offer unique hand-made Silver plated jewellery, that is 100% recyclable.

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Raw material producers are carefully chosen for their ethical approach, Eco-friendly production and waste management methods. The components of our jewellery are handmade by skilled Jewellery workers in a safe and happy working environment.

Pioneering the use of .925 Silver plating onto an Aluminium core we achieve a beautiful, burnished silver which is both hard wearing, durable and the trademark finish that makes our Jewellery so unique.

Our traditional production method has been used in Turkey for hundreds of years.

Made without the use of harmful metals commonly used all over the world like Lead, Nickel or Cadmium, Trelily Jewellery is particularly suitable for customers who may be allergic to these base metals.

Treaty Jewellery Australia - Designed in Cornwall


We believe our customer is Queen.

We strive to offer the best, no-quibble returns policy in the business.

If your not entirely happy with your purchase we will refund or replace - no questions asked.

With all of that in mind, why not indulge yourself in a conscientiously produced  piece.