3 Tips for the ultimate Neckmess

3 Tips for the ultimate Neckmess

Neckmess Explained 


The time has come to throw out the old rule book, drop the minimalism and get creative with your look, time own your style and let your inner creative soul free, the new necklace trend - 'neckmess'.

The neckmess is a personalised jumble of your favourite necklaces, and a super fun way to get playful and mix up the different styles, materials and lengths that you've got in your jewellery box.

There's no right or wrong way to do it, but starting from scratch can be a little daunting, so we've tested it out and broken it down with 3 simple and easy tips to get you on your way.


Tip 1 - Mix up the lengths

Make sure you layer the necklaces at different lengths so each beautiful piece has their own limelight!  for high impact, choose a variety of necklace lengths ranging from high chokers through to low and long pendants. Neckmess works best when you wear more than 3 necklaces together.



Tip 2 - Create a Contrast

Don't be afraid to break the boundaries, there are no hard and fast rules! Get playful and mix up the metals, materials, stones, textures and chunkiness - it's what it's all about.  Extra charms and pendants are also perfect to use to help build up the overall look and add that extra shot of pizzazz.



Tip 3 - Old AND New

At Trelily, we're all about mixing vintage necklaces with the new modern styles, therefore the neckmess creates the perfect opportunity to mix the statement with the subtle, giving the older, timeless pieces a new lease of life with a new and edgy look!



Overall, the neckmess style is an excellent way to unleash your creative side and show off all your treasures at once to create stunningly brilliant ensembles



And here at Trelily, we make ethically sourced and produced unique silver jewellery which is designed to suit you, so whether you're looking to add a timeless piece or on-trend chain to your mix, we can definitely help.




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